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Reimagine Wikis as Personal/Community Hubs connecting people to bootstrap the
 IndieVerse of HyperMedia  for mutual learning, co-creation through
deep conversations to improve our ability to improve

Reimagine Wikis  as (inter)Personal/Community Hubs connecting people to bootstrap networks in
the IndieVerse of HyperMedia  for mutual learning through
Deep Conversations to improve our ability to improve

Re-imagining the Wiki for the Permanent Web.
Empowering People to engage in Deep Conversations with each other 
in their own networks for Mutual Learning to improve our ability to improve

Reimagine the Wiki as the simplest possible constellation of 
webnative capabilities to
bootstrap  Commons based co-coevolution of 
interpersonal intentional interoperable software through conversations

Re-imagining the Wiki for the Permanent Web for 
connecting People to engage in Conversations
Mutual Learning co-improve our ability to improve

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The project presented here owes its instigating inspiration to
Juan Benet, the founder of Protocol Labs and the new HyperMedia protocol that he
started to build 6? years ago. 
We share his inspiration which goes back to Doug Engelbart.
and his original intent of "improving the individual effectiveness of the individual effectiveness"
that would lay the foundations for "Augmenting Human Intellect".
The significance of this protocol lies in the fact that it enables the network to become an Open Commons based
InterPlanetary database creating a Permanent Memory for Humanity on the Web.
Based on IPFS created constellations  for
Open, Commons based peer-production of WebNative, born interoperable software.
Building on top of Fission's WebNative constellations this projects demonstrates a new
higher level constellations for the co-creation co-evolution new, Personal First ways of articulating 
not only the Knowledge and Intents we need to solve problems, but
to co-create co-evolve the very means we need to improve our ability to improv
e both our collective knowledge along with the very tools, software we need,
all as a conversations that are continuous without being synchronous, with full provenance, 
of all the interaction that lead to the creation of new knowledge including records of who read what when.

What it does

'Tain't what you do but the way that u do it that's what get results
As a Wiki
Like the original Wiki, it is
Just a technology demonstrator

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for IndyWiki