insight - 2021 08 25 - by : Gien

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insight - 2021 08 25 - by : Gien

I'm just doing a minddump
- learning : not braindump
of what I experienced this morning, as I think each of you may find interesting in your own way as you reflect on it. 
You are all in my social network, but may not know each other, 
It was an interesting night last night as Lindsay and Michael on this email contacted me within an hour of each other out of the blue....
maybe it was the Blue Moon? 
I hadn't spoken to you guys for years, 
but I guess your current life situation plus things happening in the world reached an email threshold!   

As per Gyuri's new knowledge system architecture  for the software we are embracing as
a critical component for Stop Reset Go 
rapid, bottom-up, whole system change cybernetica design vision, 
each of us is the hub of our informational universe ,
and I'm the hub in mine with spokes radiating out to each of you. 
Some of you may not want to share your emails just yet so I'm just preserving everyone's right to privacy by 
doing a BCC. If Gyuri's system was ready now, 
it would avoid the hassle of such messaging! 
It would be so natural just to select which people on your spoke to include and 
as it could create a lot of potential spam. 
But please feel free to share with other builder's in your network who you think may be interested.

It's been a whirlwind of activity in the past few weeks and yesterday's meetings, 
emails, world events, etc conspired to stimulate these ideas this morning.

I was reading an email that made me think of my own experiences like 
this morning's of laying in bed and experiencing a firestorm of ideas. 
You'll see these ideas as I reveal them below. 
I'm having a meeting later today with Stephen and Yarrow to discuss strategy on messaging and 
communications, including an idea for a novel nonlinear video presentation.  

I thought to myself this morning: 
How do we receive inspiration? 
How, when and why do they come at certain times and not at others? 
My main insight on inspiration this morning is that 
creativity emerges through a combination of memory, 
exposure to new ideas and 
the emotions that come from doing thought experiments, 
Gedankens with these new ideas, 
interacting them with each other. 
So Gyuri, Yarrow and my favorite new word, 
Nora Bateson's " symmathesy" or mutual learning ,
becomes critical here. 
Symmathesy is the symbolic mode of transferring new ideas through human social interaction. 
It's our source for mental nourishment, and 
when we work closely with trusted peers who also become our friends, 
it also becomes a source of emotional nourishment. 
Symmathesy is the vehicle that brings us new "food for thought", and 
opens the doors to new possibilities. 
It allows new ideas to interact with old ones, 
creating novel possibilities. 
What if...? 
If we are to stimulate collective thinking leading to innovation that 
will help us solve this social mess we have created, 
we will need (collective) 
- comment :
creativity of the highest order. 
From personal experience, 
I'm sure each of us knows that we can get stuck on an idea for years, 
working alone but not knowing how to make any further advances. 
But when we form trusted relations with diverse peers 
with their own specialized competencies, and 
SHARE OPENLY, magic happens. 
In a group of N collaborators, the symmathesizing that mutually occurs collectively 
feeds "food for thought" to N-multiple knowledge agents at the same time, 
simultaneously creating maximum of N new old idea/new idea sets of Gedankens, 
unleashing a torrent of creativity. 
My hypothesis is that when such creative episodes occur, 
they don't usually occur alone, 
but through a subset of the entire interacting group. 
The greater and more meaningful the interaction, the greater the resultant collective creative stimulation. 
This means a system like 
Gyuri's Indywiki, mindgraph, trailmark is critical to be able to enable this efficiently and 
to track the evolution of ideas at a granular scale for the first time in history. 
In case you haven't thought of it, 
this has profound implications for education, 
indeed for the entire process of how human beings collectively develop knowledge. 
Cumulative Cultural Evolution (CCE) is the name for 
how we mutually interact to create and sustain knowledge for humanity. 
- introduce : Timebinding
One generation collectively creates new knowledge, and 
preserves it in external symbols for the next. 
Symmathesy is critical for social learning,which is itself critical for CCE to occur. 
I've been developing a model for education for the past few decades and 
when I showed Gyuri and I understood what Gyuri was doing, 
it was instant fit and mutual recognition of the implications of such a system for humanity.

So Stop Reset Go is morphing into a collective project for humanity, 
with others engaging and taking ownership of it. 
In a sense, all of us are united here in trying to build tools and systems that benefit humanity. 
Meetings with Charles helped to expose the ideas to Charles large networks, 
Sanford's project management experience is driving the discipline needed 
to accomplish something in a timely manner. 
He's the drummer and time keeper as he puts it,
- note : Sanford is the drummer
making sure we don't become untethered and develop a real deliverable for COP26. 
- current plan  :

- what we need :
  • - parallel : 2 weeks
    • to ship indyWiki so we can all use
    • envisioning apps
      • Yarrow's got a pretty comprehensive appreciation of the affordance
      • need some clarification and expansion
      • on demand
    • site
    • based on assumed capabilities for the kernel intentional constellations

We aren't formally invited to participate, 
but we want to virtually unveil a system to attract builders to help build the system 
that can be used by the planet's citizen's to rebuild society at the community scale. 
Stephen's project at Buckminster Fuller Institute's Design Science Studio 
has primed him for gathering together builders! 
Tim, Ollie, Alexander, myself, Ferial, Roberto and others working on Codo 
have been making a lot of progress as well trying to define how to create 
scalable coworking spaces, spaces where people can Co-do together.

This morning, another epiphany occurred after last night's discussions with 
Stephen, Gyuri, Yarrow and Sanford. 
Sanford the timekeeper wants a budget and tasks. 

The following are ideas I would like to propose as "food for thought", 
especially to Stephen and Yarrow as we meet tonight. 
I was thinking if we should create a short explainer video of some kind. 
Here is what came out of that initial thought:
  1. Messaging ideas (these actually should be on Mindhey and Ruta's o to infinity system but it's rather large).
    1. We are building an open knowledge commons for humanity. 
      • We are simply the stewards and don't own it. 
      • It's a system that has transparency and individual data ownership built into it and 
      • allows for a new level of collaboration, 
      • because extreme innovation is what we need now 
      • to deal with extreme weather, 
      • extreme polarization and extreme social and economic injustice. 
      • Humanity owns it so it is not about "joining us" but 
      • about "joining humanity together in an efficient way 
      • to create unified movement in one direction - 
      • to bend the curve of running away climate change 
      • as well as economic inequality back to a safe operating space for humanity and 
      • all our fellow species. 
      • Let's all try to re-establish planetary scale wellbeing".
    2. We are appealing to millions of builders to join together 
      • to build the knowledge and sharing system for humanity. 
      • Once it is ready, we want to use it to onboard citizens of the planet to share ideas 
      • at the speed of the internet and accelerate change at the community scale to rebuild our world.
    3. Human beings are born into existential, 
      • perceptual and cognitive silos.
      • That is why we each have a private inner life. 
      • Unless we choose to share the mental and emotional inner activities, 
      • it's not easy for other people to know what's going on inside of us. 
    4. The network we are building is human-centric, is you-centric. 
      • It works with the way human beings are designed and 
      • leverages it to maximize our ability to communicate, 
      • share stories with other human beings, 
      • to accelerate innovation. 
      • This process of learning is called "syimmathesy" and 
      • means mutual learning. 
      • It is the way humans have distinguished ourselves as a species. 
      • We need to accelerate this more than ever to rebuild our world. 
    5. The SRG approach consists of two phases and 
      • onboarding in both phases depends on applying social tipping point theory: 
      1. Phase 1) launched during COP26: 
        • Builders (need to identify typologies) and 
        • strategic thought leaders in relevant fields 
        • to expose the plan to and 
        • engage for planning purposes. I
        • t's important to feature these thought leaders in our team graph ;
      1. Phase 2) launch the system for the general public sometime in 2022
    6. Gyuri's system is framed within
      • Downscaled Planetary Boundary / 
      • Doughnut Economics / 
      • Deep Humanity framework 
      • to cover all biophysical, 
      • socio-economic and individual / personal transformation categories (DPB/DE/DH)
    7. The system we are building also draws comparision to two other metaphors:
      1. superorganism for system change: 
        • We are building a living, social superoriganism 
        • composed of individual human beings (cells) and 
        • groups of human beings (organs). 
        • Derick and I have been exploring this metaphor.
      2. Jigsaw puzzle: 
        • we are trying to collectively envision and 
        • build a moving image of a picture of what 
          • rapid, 
          • bottom-up, 
        • system change looks like - a picture of a jigsaw puzzle. 
        • Within the exhaustive DPB/DE/DH framing, 
        • we should be able to cover almost any possible relevant problem. 
        • Each change agent finds which piece of the puzzle they are, 
        • how they fit into the entire jigsaw puzzle
      3. Quilt: We are weaving a quilt projects for a new humanity 
        • and the individual projects are the individual strands 
        • we are trying to weave together into a cohesive whole
  2. Media
    1. I thought maybe a nonlinear almost graph-like system of talking heads 
      • of each person working in our team would be more eye-catching. 
      • How could this work?
    2. Yesterday, I experienced a story of an AI app that can now recreate your voice after hearing a few seconds of your voice: 0sR1rU3gLzQ This is from the Weights and Biases group with lots of other AI and ML resources: site/articles?86bf83ef_page=5 Click on Resources link to check out all their resources
      1. The app is called Descript: https://www. and can clone your voice with amazing accuracy.
        • It's a text-to-speech tool with your own voice. 
        • The overdub tool is part of a suite of other useful tools: 
        • https://www.descript. com/features At $24/month, 
        • it's a pretty good tool for this project for generating next generation of interactive media.
    3. We could create a graph with picture of each team member and 
      • by selecting on questions, specific tags 
      • such as planetary boundary/doughnut economic strategy, software tools strategy, etc 
      • a directed graph of specific team members can respond in a narrative sequence .
    4. Each team member writes down a meaningful description of their envisioned role including - 
      • the different projects they are working on, 
      • or their vision, 
      • how they want to contribute, 
      • how they want to scale their impact in the network the latest ideas that excite them. 
    5. Stored in text, each team member is asked for a short minute long recording of their voice, 
      • we submit to Descript Overdub to process it, 
      • then we can use it to render each team member's voice 
      • on their graph node image and the query that a user selects or 
      • a link to a specific topic for the talking head representation of the team member. 
    6. The talking head itself can be another AI app like Rosebud's tokking head app:
    7. As the team grows, the team graph can autoadjust .
      • There can be different groupings of different team types
    8. It's important for individual team members to personalize their stories 
      • to make them compelling to the audience.
    9. The backend 
      • - suggest :
        • the open interplanetary storage network 
      • of all our collective work is of course integrated and weaved together by 
      • Indywiki, trailmark and mindgraph
    10. As we buildout our core team first, 
      • then we can use that to onboard and grow our network. 
      • The natural way to do this is to expose our first iteration to people within our collective network.
      • There should be a phased approach in which we identify 
      • which strategic groups should be approached at which phase. 
      • If we approach a particular group too early, 
      • we risk not being able to onboard them .
      • As we onboard more people, 
        • it becomes a positive feedback loop and 
        • we can start attracting more and more thought leaders and 
        • social influencers of the right profile. 
        • That is when the knee can happen.
    11. Gyuri's system can be used for organizing townhalls in real communities around the globe. 
      • This makes sense from a downscaled planetary boundary/doughnut economics perspective 
      • as this gamification strategy relies on the community as the building block of society and 
      • targeting citizens to rebuild their own communities to be within planetary boundaries. 
      • Naturally, each geographical community will need to form deep conversations.
    12. Geographical communities can be divided into DPB/DE/DH working groups, 
      • who can then form inter-city working groups working on the same problem from around the globe. #
      • There are at least four major categories of working groups that can symmethesize, 
      1. location-based general
      2. location-based specific DPB/DE/DH working group
      3. virtual general
      4. virtual inter-city specific DPB/DE/DH working group.
    13. Different software projects we can already link together are:
      1. Gyuri's indywiki/trailmark/mindgraph for 
        • user-centric symmathesy for collective sense-making
          • - suggest :
            • people-centric
        • and granular conversation / meme tracking, 
        • accelerated innovation and fabric for an open knowledge commons .
        • The fruits that emerge can become viral solutions that are 
        • widely adopted to accelerate transformation at community scale.
      2. Mindhey and Ruta's 0 to Infinity for cataloging list of transformation topics
      3. Ferial's Transform App for gamified personal / individual linked to social transformation
      4. Tim and Ollie et al Codo for project collaboration
      5. Dmitri's idea for blockchain and DAOs
      6. Derick's blockchain idea for 
        • tracking data for provisioning systems in communities around the globe and 
        • building future regenerative cities
      7. Wesley's vision for regenerative floating cities
      8. Roberto's software concepts for WEquest 
        • (which is like Mindhey and Ruta's "0 to Infinity",  
        • holonic structures to organize people and their projects 
        • as well as global indicators map and appreciation system
      9. Other projects in member networks such as one's Gyuri, Yarrow, and others are engaged with
      10. George Por's symmathesy project
      11. Stephen's Buckminster Fuller Design Science Studio colleague's 
        • data holodeck project - like a metaverse for system change
      12. Stephen's builder's project
      13. All these software and other projects are 
        • like jigsaw puzzle pieces that fit together 
        • to create a  transformation quilt for humanity, 
        • Everyone who joins has a jigsaw puzzle piece that fits in somewhere. 

OK, I think' I've done justice to this morning's insiprations. 
Thanks everyone, for traveling on this journey to collectively 
create an improved humanity! 
We're all going to be future ancestors one day, 
so what we do here and now with our time is what makes living meaningful.