- s : Fission Demo Day April 2021

- live : demo
  • slides - Fission Demo Day April 2021
  • Analytics & Public Sharing to Community
    • Invite participants to go to indywiki.fission.app
    • Ask them to enter a nickname at least
      • failing that should be able to find some identifying information
      • last time I looked at a report
      • or just
    • Then I can start pushing pages to them
    • When they get replicated
    • a message is send back on the analytics channel
    • acknowledging that the push was successfull
    • - brainstorm : 
      • what other things would make sense to make the 
      • analytics public push channel more
    • a link to it to open in a new tab will appear
    • or if they switch to their SlipStream that listing  of existing dots
    • in reverse chronological order will get updated
  • Public Conversational Channels as portals to shared Wiki Pages
    • This requires people to be authenticated
    • and join a specific conversational channel say 
    • IndiWiki/Open Conversations/Fission Demo Day April 2021
    • A  folder in their private file system will be created
    • The channel willl have its own ephemeral encryption key
    • And in fact the OrbitDb database behind the channel can be abandoned on abuse
    • and a new channel created and shared privately with users who joined the channel
    • And they will join the channel automatically
    • People can  publish into their public folder for the shared channel
    • These will get replicated through the channel
    • It is the Wiki Owner's responsibility

  • Web3Native Viral onboarding,
  • Self-propelled, User Controlled Engagement
    • Analytics & Public Sharing
      • local username is created of the form user<timestamp>
      • and passed to an unencrypted analytics channel
      • for the demo use thi
    • Engagement channel
      • this channel is encypted 
        • - step : 1
          • the cypher for the analytics channel is retrieved from a
          • the message is encrypted with it and added to the engagementChannel
          • if a response is not received within say 60 seconds
          • - goto : 1
      • using an ephemeral,  encyrpted OrbitDb feed store

      • Indiehub responds
    • Push
    • Pull
    • Collaborate
  • out of the box customer tech
    opening player 2 app provider communication channels
    and allow players to join instant communities around a Fission/IndieHub powered apps



Thanks to Fission Drive new file serving this will update as I update this file with IndyWiki

It is empowering Edge Players and Full Edge Developers alike

for players it gives the ability to

  • share anything they create within the Fission Ecosystem on the web
  • keep it up to date
  • can be indexed by search engines

for Full Edge Developers

  • gyuri.indywiki.fission.app

Good for

    - i :
    - a :